Gunmen stormed Kenya’s Garissa University College campus in dawn raid

The death toll has risen to 147, country’s disaster response agency saidAl-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the latest terrorist atrocity in Kenya

Some Christians were beheaded and four terrorists have been killed

Terrorists strapped themselves with explosives and exploded when shot

Up to 150 people have been murdered by masked al-Shabaab terrorists who stormed a Kenyan university and shot and beheaded Christians in the worst attack in the country in 17 years.

The group raided the Garissa University College campus shortly after 5am local time yesterday, overwhelming guards and murdering people they suspected of being a Christian.

The death toll rose to 147 last night and the 13-hour siege ended. A total of 79 were injured and 587 were led to safety.

Most of those killed were students but two police officers, one soldier and two watchmen are among the dead. 

Written by Darren Boyle and Jenny Stanton- Daily Mail
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