School ‘does not and never will allow or authorize the formation’ of such group

Officials at a college where employees were captured on video embracing an idea from an undercover videographer to start a pro-ISIS club say such accusations are nothing more or less than “sinful.”

An online statement from Sister Linda Bevilacqua, the president of Barry University, said, “The intimation or implication that our university would approve or condone the formal establishment of such a group could be regarded as not just shameful but sinful.”

WND had reported earlier on the work of Project Veritas, the investigative organization begun by James O’Keefe to out organizational corruption and dishonesty.

It released this week a video showing a Barry University official embracing a proposed idea about the pro-ISIS club at the Miami campus.

The video, part of the Project Veritas College Investigation Tour, opens with the narrative: “We told administrators we wanted to start a pro-ISIS club. Our investigator is actually an honor student at the university.”

A man identified as Derek Bley, coordinator for leadership development and student organizations at the campus, appears on the video to offer to help the undercover student, named Laura.

Laura then says she wants to know the steps to forming a club on campus.

She says: “I wanted to start a like humanitarian club on campus. Do you think the name’s OK? I mean, because I don’t want it to be like too political. Like for students, Sympathetic Students in support of the Islamic State. … I want to start fundraising efforts on campus and what I want to do is raise funds to send overseas.”

She then asks: “You know, do you think that’s OK … to call it that or what would you recommend?”

Bley mulls it out loud: “It doesn’t have Barry University in there.”

But he then agrees taking out the ISIS reference in the title might be better because of the terrorist connection.

The online message from the university said the news story is “categorically false. It is immensely hurtful to our university community, to the Dominican Sisters of Adrian, Michigan, who founded and continue to sponsor Barry University, and to the international members of the Dominican Order who have suffered as a result of the violence created by ISIS.”

The school president continued, “Barry University does not and never will allow or authorize the formation of an ISIS-related humanitarian aid group on campus. There has been no formation of any such group at Barry University. No paper work requesting such an organization has ever been filed with the proper authorities at the university.”

She said, “The images and video released were edited and spliced to unfairly represent the university and staff being featured. It is reprehensible to think any organization would acquire video and edit in such a way as to denigrate the reputation of Barry University or its staff.”

Separately, the school contacted WND asking that the video be removed because it “may violate Florida law in that the subject employees were not aware they were being recorded and did not give consent.”

Written by BOB UNRUH
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