Call for violence permeates Indonesian public education

It was a year ago that an expert on Islamic terror warned the radical jihadist ideology was metastasizing worldwide.

In Asia, it has been taught in Islamic boarding schools, which often are run by radicals.

But now the teaching that non-Muslims should be destroyed is being found in curriculum in Indonesia’s public schools, according to  a worldwide ministry to persecuted Christians.

According to Open Doors USA, the group founded by Brother Andrew whose work has included smuggling Bibles into closed societies, the teachings of fundamental Islam in Indonesia’s government schools reveal the “deeper infiltration of the Islamic State into the Indonesian education system.”

The report said a textbook on Islam used in a senior high school in an East Java province carries a statement that “people who worship other than Allah (non-Muslims) should be killed.”

Open Doors said that while “fundamentalist teachings are common in Islamic boarding schools, it is the first time they have reached government-run schools, where a majority of Indonesians attend.”

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“These books can further propel the spread of extremism in the country,” Sidney Jones, an international expert on Islam, told Open Doors.

Open Doors, which ranked Indonesia No. 47 on its World Watch List of persecutors of Christians, said East Java is among the more hostile places for Christians in Indonesia.

“It has witnessed assaults on believers, such as the multiple stabbings of an evangelist while he was asleep. The presence of literature hostile to Christians could further justify violence in the name of religion,” the organization reported.

While 87 percent of Indonesia is Muslim, 8 percent is Christian, the organization reported. Persecution is common, as more than 30 churches of various denominations were forced to close or were attacked just last year.

As WND reported one year ago, Islam expert Brigitte Gabriel said the good news is that more people in the West are acknowledging the destruction radical Islam leaves in its path.

Written by BOB UNRUH
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