‘I guess he saved a lot of people in there’

An armed passerby, carrying his permitted pistol, is being credited with saving the lives of several people when he stepped in off the street and killed a gunman shooting at occupants of a Philadelphia barbershop.

The incident Sunday began when a man, identified by police only by his age, 40, pulled out a gun and opened fire on barbers and customers inside Falah Barber Shop.

“They were arguing,” Yusaf Mack, 16, a customer inside the shop at the time told WCAU News. “They were taking it too far, and one of the barbers said, ‘chill out.’”

“I heard gunshots, so I ducked and I ran,” said Mack.

While the gunman was shooting, a passerby responded to the gunfire, running into the shop and pulling his own gun. He opened fire and struck the gunman in the chest.

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