Expert has warned of threat from fighters returning to West

TEL AVIV – Egypt provided the United States with information that ISIS is attempting to purchase chemical materials such as chlorine gas that can be utilized in terrorist attacks, an Egyptian intelligence official told WND.

Yet the official claimed the U.S. has been “ignoring” the intelligence as well as information ISIS has already utilized chlorine gas in attacks against Kurdish forces in recent weeks, including in battles in Tikrit, Iraq.

The developments came after a British chemical weapons expert who advised security forces in Baghdad issued a warning that returning ISIS fighters could purchase chemical materials and carry out attacks against civilian targets in the U.S. or U.K.

Last weekend, the Kurdistan Regional Security Council in Iraq claimed ISIS deployed weaponized chlorine gas in recent surges. The substance is banned on the battlefield by the international Chemical Weapons Convention.

“The analysis, which was carried out at an EU-certified laboratory, found the samples contained levels of chlorine that suggested the substance was used in weaponized form,” Kurdish officials wrote in a statement released to the news media.

The Kurdish claim was not independently verified.

The Kurdish group further claimed Peshmerga forces discovered “20 gas canisters” in the back of a truck used in an ISIS suicide bomb attack in Iraq on Jan. 23.

Written by AARON KLEIN
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