‘I just don’t think there’s enough people standing up and being heard’

A former National Football League player who now is working with the Family Research Council knows a little bit about the attacks some Christians endure, having been fired over his faith.

But former New England Patriot Craig James says facing trials should  bring people closer to God, and he thinks more Christians should be speaking up as America chooses distinctly anti-Christian paths.

“I just don’t think there’s enough people standing up and being heard who really have thought through the ramifications of being silenced and the slippery slope that that’s on,” he said in a recent interview with WND/Radio America.

His comments come in light of a number of social movements, including the growing effort to force Christians to accept homosexual “marriage.”

A number of legal cases have been brought against Christians for refusing to advocate same-sex marriage.

It was that issue that got him removed from a job at Fox Sports Southwest. He had openly supported protections for traditional marriage while a candidate for office, and those statements were resurrected by homosexual activists when he got a position with Fox.

The network immediately removed him from his post.

“Fox Sports did fire me, and they did issue a statement to the Dallas Morning News that said that my comments and my biblical belief on the definition of marriage would not fly in their HR department,” said James.

He said that even though the “comments” referenced by Fox Sports did not specifically refer to his stand on marriage, it’s clear they were at issue.

He said Christians need to be vocal about their beliefs on such issues.

“Here’s what I really am fighting for: the freedom for me to continue to believe as I believe, for every player in that locker room who has a belief system to not fear for having that belief system and to feel like they’ve got to be quiet about it and sheltered.

“This two-way street that we’ve had forever of the First Amendment, right now there’s a bulldozer over in the lane of religious freedom trying to shut us down. We cannot accept that. I’m not going to accept that. I’m not telling anyone else what they have to believe. Don’t tell me what I have to believe.”

He said criticism from nonbelievers is a chance to grow in the Christian life.

“Don’t miss an opportunity when God puts a storm in your life to grow closer to Him. I cherish the last four or five years of trials and tribulations in my life. I’ve taken the route that says I want to grow closer to God and what He wants from me in His Word. … That’s stability. Me trying to please the world, I have found, is a reckless, tireless event.”

Written by BOB UNRUH
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  1. Indeed we can’t please the world and we should not be forced to have to conform to the world. A world that has certainly changed in the last 10 years. I tip my hat off to this fine man and for all he believes in. Sadly as we live under a tyrant I don’t see any positive changes ahead. We must remain steadfast in our beliefs, and prayerfully keep moving forward in trusting the only one who can bring hope and light back to a nation that is crumbling.

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