As first lady of the United States she can be nothing but the epitome of grace, elegance and politeness as she mingles with world leaders and celebrities at the White House and further afield.

But it was not always so for Michelle Obama, who as a child was so foul-mouthed she lost out on an award at summer camp aged 10, according to a new biography.

The first lady-to-be was an avid attendee at a day camp on the shores of Lake Michigan, and stood out as the most capable in her age group.

But camp leaders were so taken aback by her salty tongue that they denied her a prestigious award when the camp ended, according to biographer Peter Slevin, whose Michelle Obama: A Life was previewed by People magazine.

Michelle Robinson, as she was then known, as so stunned by the revelation that she changed her ways immediately and put an end to her ‘cursing phase’.

Written by Kieran Corcoran For Dailymail
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