Noah – the name means “peace” and “comfort,”  and for Lara, this was the perfect name for her son. She was 12 weeks and 5 days pregnant when baby Noah died from a miscarriage. Heartbroken by the loss of her son, Lara wanted his life to have meaning in the world. With this photo of Noah, that dream is becoming a reality.

“Even though he only lived for 12 weeks, Noah was special to me,” Lara told Louisiana Right to Life. “I am blessed that I was able to hold him, to see that he was real. Just like every other mother, this first photo of my child will always be special to me. I am devastated that we lost Noah, but I know that his 12 weeks of life had a purpose. His body reveals the miracle of human life.”


A true miracle. At 12 weeks’ gestation, Noah’s reflexes were becoming more refined. Like other preborn humans at this stage, he responded to touch, and moved around in his mother’s womb.

He started to close his fingers and curl his toes; his liver and kidneys were functioning, and most of his systems were fully formed. Noah only needed time to develop and grow.

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