Politicians and military leaders are scrambling to confront the multinational threat presented by the Islamic terrorist group ISIS.

But Erick Stakelbeck has a message for them: The West is in a “spiritual struggle,” and “soulless liberalism” will not save it.

The host of CBN’s “The Watchman” joined WND TV for an exclusive interview to discuss his newly released book, “ISIS Exposed: Beheadings, Slavery, and the Hellish Reality of Radical Islam.”

He also made some shocking conclusions about the failed response of the Obama administration to the rise of ISIS, which he calls the “challenge of our times.”

Stakelbeck told WND: “The Obama administration is not just mishandling this threat. They are empowering the rise of jihadist forces around the world including in our backyard here in the United States.”

Drawing on his long experience as a security expert, Stakelbeck predicted: “If this battle’s going to be won, it’s not going to be won in Washington, D.C., at the White House obviously. It’s going to be won at the grassroots.

Stakelbeck believes the contemporary West, dominated by moral relativism and liberalism, is ignoring the long history of Islamic aggression against Judeo-Christian civilization.

Identifying the current wave of Muslim aggression as equivalent to what conquered Constantinople in 1453, Stakelbeck explained the West has confronted Islamic offensives like this before.

“There’s been really three great waves of jihad. The first great wave [was] led by Muhammad, Islam’s prophet, out of the Arabian Peninsula in the 7th century [and] the second great wave was under the Ottoman Empire.”

The third, says Stakelbeck, is what confronts Western civilization today.

The Crusades, as Stakelbeck clarified, were “a defensive response by Western Europe after 400 years of Muslim aggression.”

Addressing the recent controversy over President Obama’s condemnation of the Crusades, Stakelbeck said: “President Obama, the Muslim hordes seized large parts of Europe! Conquered Spain, conquered Sicily.”

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