‘Your husband put us in this bind,’ agent says

A Border Patrol agent questions a driver crossing into the U.S.

A video making waves on YouTube and elsewhere shows a man, woman and their 4-year-old boy at an unidentified Inland Border Patrol checkpoint being ordered and pulled from their vehicle, questioned and taken into custody – all for the seeming offense of refusing to say where they were headed.

The video opens with the man and woman chit-chatting with their son in the back, later identified as 4, and pulling up to a border checkpoint. The man, who’s driving, has his window a third of the way down.

The uniformed agent says: “How are you, where are you going to today?”

And the man’s response: “I’m sorry, sir. I don’t have to answer that question.”

The exchange is repeated, and then the agent orders the man to park to the side.

“For what?” the man asks. “For what?”

The video, mounted on the car dashboard, shows the agent reaching into the man’s open window.

“Get your hands out of my car,” the man says. “Get your hands out of my car.”

The man then pushes the agent’s arm out the window, while the agent opens the door.

The man’s response?

“This is assault,” he says. “What is your reasonable suspicion?”

The agent then asks for the man’s citizenship, and he responds: “That I will . I’m a United States citizen.”

The agent asks the same question to the woman, who affirms she’s a U.S. citizen, too.

The agent then proceeds to ask a series of questions: “That your son in the back? You have anything illegal in the trunk? … Pop the trunk.”

The man tells the agent, “no, you cannot look,” and makes clear, “I do not consent to any searches or seizures.” He also asks the agent once more: “What is your reasonable suspicion?”

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