‘Poorly managed agency filled with chronic alcoholics, criminals and apologists’

WASHINGTON – Testimony before Congress on Tuesday by new Secret Service Director Joe Clancy further revealed the stark and stunning contrast between two incidents in the headlines.

On Oct. 3, 2013, unarmed suburban mother Miriam Carey was accused of ramming a White House barricade with her car. Secret Service agents and Capitol Police officers chased her down and shot her dead. They were rewarded with a standing ovation in Congress.On March 11, 2015, two apparently drunk Secret Service officers rammed a White House barricade and drove through the middle of an active bomb investigation. One agent was a member of the president’s protective detail. They were set free. They were not given sobriety tests. They were not fired. They were not suspended. They have been reassigned to desk jobs. With full pay.

The sharp difference in outcomes was dramatic. But so were the differences in the causes of the two incidents.

While the Washington Post reported Secret Service agents did ram a White House barricade, Carey never did. In fact, a Secret Service agent threw a bicycle rack-type gate in front of her car, to try to prevent her from lawfully exiting a White House kiosk after she apparently entered by mistake and promptly tried to leave.

In the incident two weeks ago, the Post quoted an agency official who said the two agents “drove a government car into White House security barricades after drinking at a late-night party.”

The paper also reported, “Officers on duty who witnessed the March 4 incident wanted to arrest the agents and conduct sobriety tests. … But the officers were ordered by a supervisor on duty that night to let the agents go home.”

Secret Service Director Clancy was grilled on Tuesday by outraged lawmakers about a pervasive culture of scandal in an agency they portrayed as out of control and a national embarrassment.


Carey family attorney Eric Sanders

Carey family attorney Eric Sanders has been saying as much, ever since Miriam was gunned down in the shadow of the nation’s Capitol.

Regarding the latest incident, Sanders told WND, “This is more solid proof the United States Secret Service is a poorly managed federal agency filled with chronic alcoholics, criminals and apologists.”

“Meanwhile, gullible citizens still believe the authorities’ version of the events that led to Miriam Iris Carey’s death. So much for the so-called independent investigations by the Metropolitan Police Department and United States Attorney’s Office. More apologists!”

The apparently drunk agents who rammed a White House barricade on March 4 were off duty, having arrived from a late-night party for retiring Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan.

A key player in the Carey case was also an off-duty agent.

Sanders zeroed in on a photo released by the U.S. Attorney Office that showed the off-duty agent in street clothes who tried to stop Carey from leaving was carrying a cooler


Off-duty Secret Service agent tries to block Miriam Carey from leaving White House entrance. Photo provided by U.S. Attorney’s office.

“Now, what was in the off-duty Secret Service agent’s cooler again? Oh I forgot, these alcoholics, criminals and apologists never investigated that. Miriam Carey is dead because of the same sort of out-of-control behavior.”

When asked in July how Carey managed to drive past two uniformed Secret Service agents at the kiosk without them stopping her, Sanders told WND, “You know how she got past them? Because they were over there, smoking and joking and lackadaisical, just like I said.”

Written by GARTH KANT
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