Shemitah author sees new reason for concern

The approaching solar eclipse on March 20, followed by another blood moon on Passover, brings warnings of judgment coming to an unrepentant nation that has turned its back on God, says the author of two New York Times-bestselling books on America’s place in an increasingly chaotic world.

Jonathan Cahn, author of “The Harbinger” and “The Mystery of the Shemitah,” says he will be watching and taking notes on the landmark Supreme Court decision expected this summer on same-sex marriage while also keeping an eye on ISIS and Israel in the Middle East.

Throw in a volatile U.S. stock market, and Cahn expects to be a busy man for the remainder of the Shemitah year, which reaches its halfway point at sundown on March 20.

That also happens to be the day of a total solar eclipse.

The second half of the Shemitah and its ultimate climax on Sept. 15, which is Elul 29, the infamous “wipe-out day” on the Hebrew calendar, is dreaded by financial investors. This is the same day that brought the two biggest single-day stock market crashes in U.S. history to that point, Sept. 17, 2001 and Sept. 29, 2008. In the 2008 crash, the Dow fell 777.7 points on the news that the House of Representatives voted down a $700 billion bailout deal.

If you’re starting to get the idea that the Shemitah is all about the number seven, you wouldn’t be far off the mark.


Following 2001 and 2008, the next Shemitah year is 2015, which follows a seven-year cycle laid out for Moses in Exodus, then repeated in Leviticus. Every seventh year, the Israelites were instructed by God to celebrate a Sabbath year, letting the land rest from sowing and reaping and canceling out the debts of their countrymen. Everyone would start with a clean financial slate on Elul 29, the day of “release.” They would be blessed as long as they followed God’s commandments, but when they turned to false gods or followed their own pursuits independent of God, that’s when the blessings turned to judgments, often starting out light but turning more severe the longer the warning signs were ignored.

Cahn sees a similar phenomenon playing out in America. He traces the first signs of judgment to 1973, a Shemitah year, following Supreme Court decisions that removed prayer from public schools and legalized abortion. That started a downhill spiral, with each judgment getting more pronounced, including the stock-market crashes of 1980 and 1987, followed by terror attacks and a market crash in September 2001, then another financial collapse seven years later in September 2008. The present Shemitah year started Sept. 25, 2014, and is now halfway to its climax in September 2015.

“You never want to put God in box. He doesn’t have to do anything, but the pattern has been, the last seven Shemitahs, there’s been a collapse every time. And then the last two have been exactly to the day, on this Elul 29 wipe-out day,” Cahn said.

Elul 29 is the last day of the Hebrew month of Elul, which is followed by the month of Tishri. Elul 29 falls this year on Sunday, Sept. 13, which is the eve of the Feast of Trumpets, also known as Rosh Hashanah.

“Tishri is the month that manifests the wipe-out,” Cahn said. “Throughout history, the greatest crashes have all been focused on Tishri.”

Ominous signs in the heavens?

The current Shemitah year is being watched even more closely by some because it coincides with a rare tetrad of four blood moons that all occur on biblical feast days, the next coming on April 4, which is Passover. The tetrad of blood moons has only occurred three other times in the last 500 years. On top of the four blood moons, there will be a total solar eclipse on March 20 and a partial solar eclipse on Sept. 13 or Elul 29.

Written by LEO HOHMANN
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  1. But, these warnings were only for ISRAEL… so that leaves only one logical deduction. Those who insist we, the Caucasian race, those who came from the Caucus mountains, who went north out of Babylon, who became the Lost Ten Tribes, cannot accept that we, are They.
    Why? Because they hated Judah, and his God. We confuse the Jewish God of War, with the saviors God of Love. We are not ‘lost’, we hid ourselves and then lost ourselves, but, there are clues in history we ignore… the clues are in the original words.
    The Saxons? This is the modern ‘hidden’ spelling, the original words were; Saacs Sons. In those days leading vowels were often dropped.
    So who were Saacs Sons? The sons of ISAAC.
    We are the ten toes of iron vs clay(mind vs emotions), ten virgins(divided), ten horns(shofars of the leaders of the world), we, are Israel, not Judah. We are the fulfillment of Abraham’s prophecy, a great nation and a company of nations.
    We are victims, all of God’s Chosen, victims of Leaders, Pharisees, preachers and politicians, those who hide truth and make profit and gain power from the lies.
    God did not want us to have kings(centralized governments), the lesson of Samuel and Saul, comes full circle now, and the Chosen awaken to the lies of history, religious leaders, kings, and money men.

    Five thousand years of lessons forgotten, are not taught, they lie in the cracks of knowledge, like the knowledge of the 7’s. Then they become myth and legend, ridiculed by ‘scholars’, whose job is to hide truth within knowledge and collect their check from the powerful. Like the Shemitah, only a hint remains in a Bible of fragments. Cahn has done a great work, for those with eyes that see.

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