In a move that follows the continued loss of profits for fast food giants like McDonald’s, Burger King has announced that it will be dropping soda from its kids meal options — a move that undoubtedly comes as the food chain titans realize that the end of fake junk food is coming quicker than expected.

It’s most certainly no excuse to eat Burger King’s food, which is a GMO-laden chemical mess, however, the announcement signals the ultimate preparation by these companies to start ‘changing’ their brand in order to have any chance at survival in the coming future. A future in which an organic lifestyle is king, and natural/organic restaurants and grocers will be the true financial victors.

That’s why we are seeing a continued growth in the organic market even into 2018, with a 14% increase across the board.

Written by ANTHONY GUCCIARDI- Natural Society
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4 thoughts on “Fast Food Giants Losing Cash Desperately Try to Convince You They’re ‘Natural’”
  1. Boy, if we all only knew the chemicals we have eaten from fast food ‘restaurants’ we would be freaked out beyond belief. Remember the ‘pink slime’? GAG!!!!

  2. Indeed! If I could I would own my own farm I think… When buying organic you have to be careful too because even in the organic world the standards have been reported to not always be purely organic… UGH. 🙂

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