LaPierre says no rifle ammo safe from president’s pen

.223-caliber “green-tipped” ammunition, also known as the M855 ball ammunition.

In a Fox News interview with Lou Dobbs, NRA President Wayne LaPierre blasted President Obama as “acting like a dictator” in his push to ban the ammunition for America’s most popular sporting rifle, the AR-15.

While the issue has been burning up conservative websites and blogs, it’s received almost no coverage from establishment media giants.

“Why are we not hearing more of an outcry on this?” Dobbs asked.

“Probably because the media doesn’t want the American public to know what this president is trying to impose on them. This is a president who, he’s grasping for straws,” LaPierre said. “He hates the Second Amendment, he hates the fact that Americans have a constitutional right to own firearms.”

LaPierre pointed out that Obama’s plans to ban the AR-15 itself failed in Congress. That was back in 2013, when the weapon Democrats tried to characterize as a “military-style assault rifle” proved more popular than they imagined among sporting enthusiasts and hunters. The AR-15 is branded by Colt and modeled as a civilian sporting rifle on a semi-automatic platform, whereas the military version, the M16, is fully automatic.

Most sportsman use the AR-15 for competitive or recreational target shooting. It has no history of being used as a weapon of choice by street criminals, law enforcement officers told WND.

Yet, Obama and a small core of Democrats, including Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., have targeted the gun relentlessly with the help of advocacy groups funded by Michal Bloomberg, Bill Gates and other corporate elites.

“He can’t win at the ballot box, he can’t win at the Congress, and now he’s trying to act like a dictator and planning on forcing this ammo ban on the American public by executive regulation,” LaPierre said.

Written by LEO HOHMANN
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