Many people are sensing a gathering darkness overtaking our nation. The political and economic skies are ugly, as are the ubiquitous clouds of societal distress that are spreading across America and all Western countries that seem to indelibly cover us with a nebulous, oily-black spirit of distress. This unsettled feeling is growing among many “conservative” Christians, who see our freedoms being eroded by an increasingly antagonistic agenda of the power elite on both sides of the political spectrum.

We feel “something wicked this way comes,” yet many cannot put their finger on exactly what awaits us. It seems as if we are living in a state of mental confusion, although we have become quite adept at containing our own uneasiness just below the surface of our normal existence.

While we might acknowledge its presence during the quiet times we manage to steal from our otherwise overburdened and hectic lives, we are often quick to dismiss our ominous feelings as artifacts of unsubstantiated paranoia. Too many overstated claims from the internet, perhaps, or wild notions without any basis in fact, we might attempt to reason.

After all, life is generally good as we can still hit the drive-thru at Starbucks for our morning dose of designer coffee to carry us through the day. We can still insert our ATM cards into a bank kiosk and withdraw cash for our needs. As we drive to work, transport our children to school, run errands and busily perform our unremarkable daily tasks, we look around us and see people, just like us, traveling about, working and engaging in the normal activities of life in the twenty-first century.

We have permitted ourselves to become reassured by this sense of normalcy, which is undoubtedly reinforced by our friends, coworkers and family who perhaps don’t have any sense of foreboding whatsoever. We might even be gently scolded by those who see things as normal and even progressing favorably. We might be called pessimistic and “out of touch” with the real world. Accordingly, we begin to question our senses, our own spirit of unease as we are unceremoniously jarred back into the earthly realm of our day-to-day existence. Perhaps their right, we might think to ourselves, things are not as bad as we suspect.

And “therein lies the rub,” if I may be so bold to ever so slightly twist a Shakespearean quote. For the “rub” in this case is not a mental battle at all. It is something much bigger and much deeper. It is the spiritual battle that exists within us as the direct result of our nation not merely forgetting God, but through a deliberate and orchestrated tactic, removing Him altogether from culture and our lives.

The mental battle many are experiencing is actually a spiritual battle, perpetrated by the earthly powers with whom we’ve placed our trust and the fate of our nation. It is a sense of confusion that has been strategically implanted within us by the father of lies and confusion, filling the vacuum consequential to the removal of God from our lives. Just as we know that nature abhors a vacuum, we must understand that the void we experience is being exploited and strategically used to derail us from our walk with God.

Perhaps many of you might think the above is a waste of words and print space, for we know all of this, don’t we? While it is indeed likely most understand this introduction, do we fully understand the enormity of the lie, the agenda confusion, and the impending judgment that faces the just and unjust alike? If so, than why aren’t we incessantly shouting from the rooftops that we are rushing headlong into a world of chaos and destruction? Some of us are, yet the timidity of most prevents us from doing so.

For the last century, the body of the Christian church today has turned away from such Spirit led teachings, instead embracing “Positive Christianity” and its subsets, such as the “prosperity gospel” and the “gospel of inclusion.” It is critical that we understand the precise origins of “Positive Christianity,” for it leads us directly into the grasp of one of the most horrific times in human history: the reign of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany.

At this point, most Secularists, Atheists, and sadly, even the majority of Christians entranced by this perversion of the Word will cry “foul” and accuse this author of promoting the fallacy ofReductio ad Hitlerum, or argumentum ad Hitlerum, which has served as the standard intellectual response to the assertions that our nation is following the blueprint of Hitler and Nazi Germany. This response discounts the obvious, diminishes and even dismisses the role of God in our nation and our lives. It is disingenuous and evil, for it appeals to the intellect rather than the soul.

To be abundantly clear, our nation has removed God and consequently, we have forgotten Him. It is not by chance but by design. It is, and always was the plans of those in power to neuter the Word of God and the Christian church exactly as Hitler did during his reign.

It is the process where we, as Americans, are absolutely convinced that we enjoy religious freedom like no other country on earth. In fact, we are deluded into believing and accepting the legitimacy of the false and deliberately diabolical myth of separation of church and state, the foundation upon which our religious freedoms as Christians are under merciless assault by power elite and the pulpits.

It is this separation, this delusion, this evil agenda, that is acting as the catalyst to bring God’s judgment upon America.

Much like Hitler, our power elite have marginalized the true Christian church to make certain that no true Christian doctrine could influence the political power he wielded, and the agenda he sought. Stated differently, Christianity in Nazi Germany was tolerated, as long as that perverted form of Christianity conformed to the will of the state. This ultimately permitted the prison and concentration camps and genocide, which conjure the images that have been ingrained in our memories. Yet, we believe, it cannot happen here. Not in America.

It is not until we realize that this very template, that perversion of Christianity exists in abundance today in America and throughout the West. It allows for the numerous abominations against God, such as the acceptance of homosexual marriage, polytheism, merging of beliefs and doctrine antithetical to God’s Word to coexist and even be embraced under the banner of this perversion of our true Christian faith. It is more subtle than Hitler, which makes it much more deadly.

Many have accepted this evil under the guise of Christian tolerance. Many even promote this perversion, from the Executive branch to the halls of Congress to our churches, through entertainment, social groups, and yes, even by our own friends and family, who will convince us that it is us who are the problem for failing to be more tolerant and understanding. By accepting this narrative, we are inviting God’s judgment.

In America, we’ve tolerated the murder of tens of millions of our unborn, for it was proclaimed legal.

We’ve tolerated the removal of God from our children’s classroom under the convoluted banner and myth of separation of church and state.

We’ve tolerated the removal of God from our courtrooms and halls of justice, so too under the same myth of separation of church and state.

We’ve tolerated the abomination of homosexual unions and shown our hubris in redefining marriage, under the pink agenda of tolerance and acceptance of others.

We’ve permitted our leaders to tell us that we worship the same God as Muslims, and accepted this lie without question or reservation.

We’ve watched without action as we’ve been convinced that we must be more tolerant, yet failed to realize that tolerance of evil is itself evil.

Now, we arrived at the point where we’ve allowed our leaders to enact and enforce laws that cause true believers of the one and only true Gospel to become enemies of the state, and watched idly as Marxists, Progressives, liberals, and more insidiously, many Christians embrace and even promote this agenda of lies and evil.

Therefore, how is it possible that we should not expect God’s judgment? Listen to the Holy Spirit within you, despite those who call you paranoid and confused, for it is your guiding compass through the low hanging black clouds of impending judgment.

Related Scripture: Jeremiah [2:32]

Can a maid forget her ornaments, or a bride her attire? Yet my people have forgotten me days without number. [KJV]

Written by Douglas Hagmann
The Hagmann and Hagmann Report

NOTE: Special permission given by Douglas Hagmann allows us to submit his articles in their entirety on CHRISTIAN PATRIOTS.ORG

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