According to Politico report by Josh Gerstein, while Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State, former president Bill Clinton capitalized financially on “business proposals and speech requests” despite a so called “ethics deal the Clintons and the Obama transition team hammered out in 2008 ,” while “State Department lawyers acted on sparse information …  and were under the gun to approve the proposals promptly.”

Now, some of those deals are raising eyebrows; however, heavily “redacted documents began to emerge only after the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit in 2013. So far, the department has not committed to a date to produce all of the records.”

The ramifications impact not only the Clinton’s past conduct, but also come into play going forward as Hillary prepares her own run for the White House given that the Clinton Foundation continues to take foreign money and references the process during Hillary’s tenure at the State Department as a guide for that process, as well.

Written by DAN RIEHL
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