(NaturalNews) A new video compilation posted by a YouTube user is a stunning portrayal of just how endangered American principles of freedom and liberty have become, from the over-militarization of local and federal police and law enforcement agencies to a raft of new laws and regulations essentially legalizing massive government surveillance in the Digital Age, in the name of “national security.”

The video begins with documentation of heavily armed police in riot gear and body armor assembling to mass-arrest Ohio State fans January 13, as they celebrated the school’s football team winning the college National Championship. In the opening scene, which takes place at night (after the game), a voice — presumably that of a police officer — can be heard through a bullhorn threatening that they “will be arrested and prosecuted” if they refuse to “leave the area.” Another scene shows more officers arriving in riot gear aboard an armored police vehicle; a subsequent scene shows masked officers herding fans down a street using tear gas and what appears to be pepper spray.

The video then moves into a montage of recent global events in which Western leaders, especially, are using violence and threats of further violence against populations as the impetus to deploy troops and seek greater authority to mass-monitor their citizens.

“Privacy versus protection” is the most oft-recited phrase by a series of news stories depicted next in the video, followed by a series of video shots demonstrating how citizens in countries like the UK and the United States are currently living under constant surveillance.

The video goes on to highlight new technologies that can be used, or are being used — and often misused — by authorities, mostly to conduct surveillance. Some technologies can see through the walls of homes, while others mimic those depicted in Hollywood movies — and all without necessarily complying first with constitutional requirements like due process.

It’s a chilling compilation, no doubt. Watch it in its entirety below.




Written by J. D. Heyes
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