Taxpayers spend millions on Obama holiday

A VERY expensive getaway: The First Family’s Valentine’s Day cost the taxpayer at least $2.5m as Barack golfed in California while Michelle went on secret ski trip to Aspen.

By Infowars

  1. It came to me yesterday this expense from King and Queen Ludwig after watching the news. Their coverage on Biden and former mayor (Charlotte NC) Anthony Fox (now the Transportation Secretary) visit to the queen city this week. The topic? Building our infrastructure in the likes of high speed trains between Charlotte and Atlanta. I’m pretty sure this system could have already been built given the monies that we have had to pay out in the last 6 years with Moo-chelle and Odumba’s vacations. Of course those are trips they deserve (in their mind) and yet we the taxpayers all the while are being drained daily with an ever increasing costs of living. I pray to God we can survive this nightmare over the next 2 years. I’m coming close to throwing in the towel and saying “why go on?”, but because I have a son who is looking forward to a better life and opportunity, then I must keep fighting the fight. It is my offspring that fuels my blood day in and day out to never give up. I firmly believe God is standing back and watching. In His time Obamas little house of cards will start crumbling, if not while on earth, maybe after he departs this earth. Hell surely has a special corner reserved for him now. On another note I can’t help but think the massive snow that has hit the Northern area of the country, especially New York, is a message God has brought. Isn’t much of the area that has been hit hard with snow Democratic states? Just saying- it’s the way I see it. When Niagria Falls become one frozen entity, one can’t help but fathom that this is the case. Of course another topic that comes to mind is Global Warning? I’m guessing Al Gore was sharing the white glistening slopes over Valentines weekend. No doubt grinning from ear to ear as he continues his charade of the huge lie of Global Warming. I best stop for now as my blood pressure is probably rising. Praying harder than ever for our country.

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