Rep. Gohmert: ‘This is part of his fundamentally transforming America’

Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, says Republicans are stuck in a box of their leaders’ own making in the effort to defund President Obama’s unilateral immigration actions, and he says Obama’s ongoing aggression on amnesty coupled with a weak GOP response is putting the United States in a very dangerous position.

In December, Republican leaders decided to delay any legislative fight over amnesty until they controlled both chambers of Congress in January. At that time, lawmakers approved most government funding through September but extended Department of Homeland Security, or DHS, appropriations only through this month.

In January, the House approved a bill to fund DHS through September while stripping out funds for the implementation of Obama’s unilateral action to grant legal status to some five million people in the country illegally but who have children with legal status. Despite a GOP majority in the Senate, Republicans have been unable to recruit any Democrats to their side on this issue. Without 60 votes, the measure will die and DHS funding would be in limbo.

With activists, media and lawmakers clamoring for a new strategy, Gohmert said Republicans are keeping their powder dry at the moment.

“If we are already talking about Plan B before we give up on Plan A, then we’re never going to have any chance on Plan A. If you understand and appreciate the position, it’s tough to talk about a Plan B if you’re still actually honestly pushing Plan A,” he said.

In the meantime, Gohmert said Obama is already taking steps to expand what the congressman calls “unconstitutional amnesty” into a problem involving exponentially more illegal immigrants.

“Obama is now talking about allowing all those people to whom he’s given unconstitutional amnesty the ability to bring in extended family members,” he said. “They’ll call it immediate family, but the five million could turn into 20 million or 25 million once you start bringing in all the other family members. This is part of his fundamentally transforming America.”

Gohmert was staunchly opposed to the December strategy on immigration, known around Washington as a “cromnibus.” Now he said that flawed approach is haunting the GOP.

“We’re in a box because our leadership decided to fund everything the president cared about and only leave Homeland Security unfunded and expected to use that as leverage,” said Gohmert, who believes the only leverage was achieved by the White House as Republicans were left with no good options.

“You’re giving up all the leverage,” he said. “You’re giving up everything that the president wants, and then you’re going to leave us in the position of negotiating by saying, ‘Now, if you don’t stop this unconstitutional, unilateral, amnesty that you are doing illegally, then we’re not going to fund the Border Patrol. We’re not going to fund people to keep us safe.’”

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