As Kurdish forces open routes back to the northern Yazidi city of Sinjar, Iraq, fighting back armies of Islamic State jihadists, the Yazidis returning home are increasingly turning on their Arab former neighbors, rage increasing with each new discovery of a mass grave.

In an extensive report by Reuters, a number of former residents of Sinjar report that, in the time the Islamic State controlled the area, hundreds — if not thousands — of the tiny religious minority were killed and shoved into mass graves in what is almost universally regarded as an attempt to commit genocide. In response to the siege, which lasted from August until very recently, some Yazidis are taking up arms against the Arab Muslims whom they believe collaborated with Islamic State to rape, enslave, and slaughter other Yazidis.

Reuters spoke with “more than a dozen Sunni Arab residents,” who reported revenge killings, looting, mass theft, and other forms of violence from returning Yazidis. At least 21 Sunni Arabs have been killed since the Kurdish forces expelled the majority of the Islamic State fighters in the area, while 17 are missing.

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