Chief receives praise for selfless act

Image Credits: MtJulietPolice, Facebook

A police chief in Tennessee is being hailed for taking the time to help a homeless man get out of a busy street.

Mt. Juliet Police Chief James Hambrick was “on the beat” yesterday when he responded to a call about a homeless man in a wheelchair getting too close to traffic.

Chief Hambrick called the Mt. Juliet Church of Christ to escort the man to his destination, and even purchased the man lunch after the fact.

A department Facebook post regarding Chief Hambrick’s selfless act has garnered more than 1,050 likes and more than 50 comments and shares.

Just as it’s important to hold police accountable for despicable actions, it’s equally as important to highlight instances where cops have carried out their duty to serve the public.

Last year we documented how several Utah State Troopers escorted an 87-year-old woman to see her hospital-ridden son multiple counties away.


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