Stimulus includes college options, comp time and more

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, is pushing a pro-family legislative agenda that he says is a common-sense approach to strengthening families and the U.S. economy at the same time.

The proposals range from a renewed push for a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution to giving Americans more flexibility at work so they can make family a priority.

Lee outlined his approach earlier this month in a speech at the Heritage Foundation. His main thesis is that it’s a mistake for conservatives or anybody else to think of family issues as separate from our economic challenges.

“I believe the family is the fundamental building block of society,” he said. “Too often, as conservatives, we’ve tended to look at the family exclusively as a social unit that has economic implications. I think it’s equally important to view it as an economic unit with social implications.”

He said Washington needs to recognize that helping American families is good for all of us.

“Everything we need to be doing in Washington should be focused on the family, on making sure that government is at least not harming the family, making sure that the government is not doing anything to discourage marriage and child rearing, not doing anything to single out, target or punish or harm families,” Lee said.

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