No matter what your opinions are on Rev. Al Sharpton, there are some facts about him that are undeniable. Most recently, Sharpton has been in the news for his failure to comply with tax codes and his criminal conduct when it comes to paying taxes properly.

Now that we are all aware that Sharpton owes millions of dollars in unpaid taxes, more and more details about Sharpton and his shady business practices are being revealed. You won’t believe what a taxation professional just revealed about Sharpton. This information is eye opening, but is in no way shocking based on Sharpton’s past.

Most people are familiar with Sharpton’s infamous non-profit organization, National Action Network, but few people know about Sharpton’s many for-profit businesses. That’s because they have all failed, been dissolved, or gone under due to failure to pay taxes or comply with tax codes, according to a review of public records from New York and Delaware.

Written by Clyde- GOP The Daily Dose
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3 thoughts on “Sharpton Has Been Trying To Hide This From The Public But We Have THIS Very Bad News For Him”
  1. if I recall correctly he was involved in the first harlem bank for blacks ect. that went bankrupt within a year the depostors money vanished and threatened to kill him I think they tried to burn it down he did show up like and if you remember sugar bear the pimp on starsky and hutch who wore thick gold chains a fur coat and a caddy that had them huge headlights or superfly

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