U.K. city officials ignored as many as 1,400 assaults – now critics want trials for ‘treason’

A shocking report from the British government has concluded that a borough council in the city of Rotherham was “not fit for purpose” because it apparently covered up years of assaults by Muslim Pakistani gangs on hundreds of children, mostly young white females.

The report detailed the local government’s failure to act against years of assaults on an estimated 1,400 victims and blamed the “shadow” of “political correctness,” which prevented the local government board from “dealing with a serious problem before its eyes.”

The entire cabinet of the borough council now has resigned, and the management of affairs will be handled by the central government.

Outraged citizens are demanding punishment for those who were in a position of responsibility.

petition online at Change.org is calling for criminal charges against the former members of the Rotherham council.

And that’s just the start.

“They should be tried for treason,” activist Pamela Geller told WND.

Geller, author of “Stop the Islamization of America,” told WND that “these people allowed these girls’ lives to be ruined, and the future of the United Kingdom to be compromised. Authorities didn’t prosecute the gangs or reveal the extent of what was happening for fear of being called racist.”

The official report supports Geller’s analysis. Thousands of children were sexually assaulted in the city from 1997 to 2013. The perpetrators, mostly Pakistani men, were largely enabled by the local government’s fear of confronting them

According to the testimony of one local government officer, “the white British are very mindful of racism and frightened of racism allegations so there is no robust challenge.”

The report charges that statistics on ethnicity were actively concealed in presentations on community issues, workers were constantly warned not to discuss ethnicity and British officials overcompensated in trying not to “offend” Muslims, even to the point of prohibiting forums near pubs.

Consequently, writes report author Louise Casey, while the council acted with “an intention of not being racist, their ways of dealing with race does more harm than good.”

Not surprisingly, government workers and local officials were hesitant to talk about crimes in the community because “staff perceived that there was only a small step between mentioning the ethnicity of perpetrators and being named a racist.”

Casey writes that the sexual abuse was not discussed openly because officials feared it could be exploited by “far right” political groups like the British National Party (BNP) and the English Defense League. A senior officer testifies in the report that leading officials were “terrified of the BNP.”

But foreign policy analyst Serge Trifkovic, author of “The Sword of the Prophet: Islam – History, Theology, Impact on the World,” believes that there is a religious as well as an ethnic dimension to the sexual abuse.

In an exclusive interview with WND, he stated: “What we have in England is typically Islamic treatment of infidel women coupled with the offenders themselves behaving as if they were in a country already conquered for Dar-al-Islam. Elsewhere in the Third World there are, of course, massive abuses and exploitation of girls and young women, but such willful and systematic rape of white infidel girls and women by Muslim men is a pathology unique to Islam. It was made ‘licit’ by their ‘prophet.’”

Geller similarly judges that “the Quran allows Muslims to keep non-Muslim women as sex slaves (4:3, [4:24], 23:1-6, [33:50]). The kidnapping and forcing into sex slavery of non-Muslim women in Nigeria and Iraq and Syria over the last year corresponds to the grooming gangs in the U.K.”

The scandal in Rotherham comes at a time of fierce debate in the establishment media about “no go” zones in Europe that are dominated by Islamic radicals.

Soeren Koren of the Gatestone Institute, a New York based policy institute and think tank, said in a report describing the zones that they are created by “decades of multicultural policies that have encouraged Muslim immigrants to remain segregated from – rather than become integrated into – their European host nations.”

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