(NaturalNews) Vaccines are the only product that benefit from reverse market logic: The greater their failure rate, the more positive publicity and sales they receive.

Most infectious disease outbreaks, of course, occur among children already vaccinated. That’s no surprise when you consider how the vaccine industry’s own top scientists blew the whistle years ago on falsified vaccine “science,” even stating that outbreaks were being caused by the MMR vaccine due to its failure rate.

The vaccine industry figure out a long time ago that if its products actually worked, it would put them all out of business. After all, who needs a measles vaccine if there’s no more measles to scare people into getting vaccinated? The most important attribute of all modern-day vaccines is that they are intentionally designed to have a high failure rate. This ensures continued outbreaks followed by the classic “problem-reaction-solution” dialectic that sends parents stampeding to the pharmacies to have their children injected with mercury, formaldehyde, MSG and aluminum (all ingredients still used in vaccines).

This isn’t a conspiracy theory; it’s straight from the words filed under oath by two of Merck’s vaccine scientists. These scientists, who are both vaccine supporters, could not remain silent when they were repeatedly ordered to commit scientific fraud involving MMR vaccine research. You can read all about it in this article detailing their sworn testimony.

Infographic: Vaccine Circular Logic

The following infographic explains how the vaccine industry really works. It’s all about manufacturing defective products that promote outbreaks, then exploiting those outbreaks to sell more defective products to a gullible public that’s too busy to read the vaccine inserts, many of which openly admit the vaccines are a total scientific hoax backed by no clinical trials whatsoever.

The scheme only works because no one in the mainstream media ever dares investigate the actual evidence of fraud by the vaccine industry. The dogma surrounding vaccines is “beyond questioning,” which means it is of course a malicious fraud. Real science isn’t afraid of real questions, you see. Real science can withstand scrutiny; the vaccine industry cannot.

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#1 Vaccine manufacturers produce vaccines they know don’t really work.

#2 Children everywhere get injected with faulty vaccines, thinking they now have immunity.

#3 Because of the failed vaccines, an outbreak occurs.

#4 The media turns the outbreak into mass hysteria, falsely claiming that unvaccinated children are to blame.

#5 Everybody gets vaccinated with the same flawed vaccines that failed to work the first time. This achieved the goal of vaccine compliance and medical obedience.

#6 When the outbreak naturally burns itself out, the media claims vaccines achieved the victory against disease, thus “proving” they work.


Written by Mike Adams
Natural News

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