“I promise you… I would continue my crusade”

Image Credits: Neon Tommy, Wikimedia Commons

Action-movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger said he would be a “terminator” for climate change and asked state governments to follow Narendra Modi’s “actions” as Gujarat Chief Minister to achieve sustainable development goals.

The former California governor, who has earned a reputation as a climate change activist, thanked and lauded Prime Minister Modi for his work, including as Chief Minister of Gujarat, to push for sustainable development and clean energy.

He said “Gujarat is California of India” and Modi had certainly created “good action”.

Appreciating the progress made by Gujarat on climate change front, he said this showed that the state governments have tremendous power with them and they need not wait for the Central government for any action.

The film star, who is also the chair of R20 Regions of Climate Action – a non-profit organization – was addressing the 15th Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS) organised by the Energy Resource Institute (TERI).

By Financial Express

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