Cardiologist Says “Don’t Vaccinate” Amid Recent Vaccine Hysteria

The American media has been swarmed with stories about vaccinations in recent weeks, after nearly 100 cases of measles have been identified, originating from an outbreak at Disneyland. The mainstream media and government agencies have been quick to blame this situation of families who chose not to vaccinate, but a number of the original Disneyland cases actually were vaccinated.

People contract illnesses that they are vaccinated for fairly often, in fact, just this week it was reported that a 5-year-old girl died from the flu just weeks after receiving the vaccine. This situation and many like it are leaving many to wonder if it wasn’t the vaccine itself that infected the child with the illness. It is common knowledge that vaccines contain live samples of infections.

While most mainstream doctors are parroting the pro-vaccine propaganda that is being spread in the news, there are some doctors who are actually speaking out against vaccinations. Dr. Jack Wolfson of Arizona for example, has recently created a controversy by publicly advising parents not to vaccinate, even in the midst of the recent hysteria. Wolfson says that a healthy diet is way more effective against infectious diseases than vaccinations are.

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