Photo by Reuters

Hidden cameras, planted by animal welfare charity Animal Aid, showed horrific treatment of sheep in a slaughterhouse in North Yorkshire.

Employees, at the Bowood Abattoir near Thirsk were filmed sawing at animals’ throats with seemingly blunt knives.  Staff, at least one of which wore a Muslim kufi skullcap, were caught on camera stamping on sheep and kicking them in the head, as they attempted to transport them onto a conveyor belt, the Telegraph reports.

British law prohibits the slaughtering of animals unless they have been stunned, but there are legal exemptions for religious food producers; those animals being slaughtered for halal and kosher consumption.  While religious leaders have always claimed that animals slaughtered using their methods are killed humanely, the footage from t is the latest in a line of cases where halal food has resulted from cruelty.

Written by A.B. SANDERSON
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