Warns West as jihadist army demonstrates regional power

Mabrook oil field in Libya under attack

NEW YORK – Following a report Wednesday that “unknown gunmen” stormed the al-Mabrook oil field in Libya, the jihadist army ISIS claimed responsibility, confirming warnings by a Libyan ambassador that ISIS covets Libya as a global terror base.

“Insufficient attention is paid in the West to the ISIS’ creeping expansion in Libya, where the jihadis are focusing on capturing oil fields, as in Syria,” said retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, a founding member of the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi.

Vallely noted the al-Mabrook oil field, south of Sirte, is one of the largest in Libya.

WND previously reported the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi’s interim report concluding that the Obama administration rejected an offer by Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi to abdicate and instead armed militia affiliated with al-Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood to oust Gadhafi by military force.

As a consequence, Libya has become destabilized, with jihadist militia ruling many areas of the country by force.

“Libya has become a nightmare for everyone,” said Mabruk Derbésh, Ph.D., a university professor in economics at Tripoli University for seven years before the current chaos. “Today, as a result, the situation in Libya is demoralizing not just for outsiders and political analysts around the world, but also and notably for Libyans whose hopes for better life has turned into a nightmare constructed beneath the hardcovers of a Stephen Kings’ novel.”

Written by JEROME R. CORSI
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