Up to 10 million gallons (38 million liters) of crude oil from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill has settled at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, where it is threatening wildlife and marine ecosystems, according to a new study.

The finding helps solve the mystery of where the “missing” oil from the spill landed. Its location had eluded both the U.S. government and BP cleanup crews after the April 2010 disaster that caused about 200 million gallons (757 million liters) of crude oil to leak into the Gulf.

“This is going to affect the Gulf for years to come,” Jeff Chanton, the study’s lead researcher and a professor of chemical oceanography at Florida State University, said in a statement. “Fish will likely ingest contaminants because worms ingest the sediment, and fish eat the worms. It’s a conduit for contamination into the food web.” [Deepwater Horizon: Images of an Impact]

Written by Laura Geggel- Life Science
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One thought on “‘Missing Oil’ from 2010 BP Spill Found on Gulf Seafloor”
  1. BP should be forced to figure out a way to clean it up from that area too. Should be a lot easier since this ‘missing oil’ is seemingly in one concentrated area. I just wonder how many of these “missing oil” spots are in the ocean from this and other oil spills.

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