Throughout, he stands erect and apparently defiant

Image Credits: Al-Furqan Media Office

Isil jihadists have released a video that shows the Jordanian pilot they have been holding hostage being burned alive.

Moaz al-Kasaesbeh, a pilot in the Jordanian air force, was captured by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant on December 24.

His death, if confirmed, marks the failure of a proposed prisoner exchange for a woman failed suicide bomber being held in Jordan.

Known social media feeds of Isil members also posted photographs of the event. In it, Lt Kasaesbeh is standing in a cage, with a line of armed and masked jihadists looking on.

A trail of flames is then lit around him, and eventually he is burned too.

Throughout, he stands erect and apparently defiant.

The Jordanian authorities, working on the assumption that the photographs were real, informed his family of his death this afternoon.

They had repeatedly asked for proof of life before going ahead with the swap for the suicide bomber, Sajida al-Rishawi, whom the jihadis were demanding in exchange for the Japanese journalist they killed last week, Kenji Goto.

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