The first husband of Fox News superstar Megyn Kelly has categorically denied he cheated on her, ending years of speculation.

Twice, blonde beauty Kelly has told of her hurt at being betrayed, each time saying it was not her current husband Doug Brunt, but never clearing first hubby Dr. Dan Kendall.

But now, speaking out for the first time, Kendall told Daily Mail Online in an exclusive interview how upset he has been by the shadow cast over him by her statements.

‘I can say with 100% certainty that I was completely faithful to Megyn,’ Kendall, 45, said as he sat in his $2 million home in the Washington suburb of Vienna, Virginia.

‘When she made that comment about it not being in her current marriage it irritated me a bit because it seemed like she was suggesting it was me,’ he added.

‘I texted her at the time and she apologized. I think I was a good husband.’

Written by Martin Gould In Vienna, Virginia for Daily Mail
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2 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: ‘I wanted a wife… so did she’. Ex-husband of Megyn Kelly speaks out about his marriage to the FOX News star and reveals he didn’t CHEAT on her – and it ‘bugged’ him that she hinted he did on air”
  1. Dan Kendlll did cheat, just not when they were married, but before getting a girl pregnant only to have an abortion from what I have heard from family. I am the ex in-law of Megyn

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