Beachgoers in San Diego expressed support for extending Obamacare to cover pets, signing a petition that would make people who earn over $80,000 dollars a year pay for the cost of other people’s veterinarian bills.

The stunt was the latest effort from Mark Dice and again underscores how many Americans will blithely go along with virtually anything, no matter how ludicrous, so long as they are assertively told that it is in their best interests.

Almost everyone in the video signed a petition to support the ‘Affordable Care Veterinarian Act’ when told that it would force people on higher incomes to cover the cost of their vet bills.

“Just because you own a pet doesn’t mean you should have to pay the veterinarian bills – when someone out there’s making $80,000 dollars a year, they can help you pay for the veterinarian bills and take care of your pets,” Dice tells one woman as she signs the petition.

“If you have a pet and it needs some veterinarian care, why should you have to pay for that?” Dice asks another man who agrees as he signs the petition.

A group of people Dice approaches towards the end of the video are the most enthusiastic about the proposal.

“It’s so damn expensive,” states one woman as Dice adds, “Obamacare will now cover your pets.”

“Oh that’s awesome!” responds the woman, adding that she is about to get a puppy.

“This will help to alleviate the burden of having to pay for the veterinarian bills yourself and you will now have a collective health insurance policy for the animals,” states Dice, to which the woman responds, “That’s so cool, I was just thinking about that the other day.”

Although the stunt seems ridiculous, it must be remembered that taxpayers already foot the cost of what many would argue were frivolous welfare schemes, notably the so-called ‘Obamaphone’ program which provides low income Americans with a free cellphone and calling plan.

As CBS Denver recently revealed, the Lifeline program, which is paid for by cellphone owners via a Universal Service Tax, is riddled with fraud and abuse.


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