Fast cars, fancy restaurants, opulent yachts, private planes — and child molestation. It’s not something that was ever featured on Robin Leach’s TV showLifestyles of the Rich and Famous, but “pedophilia may be emerging as the characteristic sexual perversion of the American elite.”

So says American Thinker assistant editor J.R. Dunn in a piece titled “Pedophilia and the American Future.” Dunn opens with an obvious story: that of billionaire hedge-fund manager Jeffrey Epstein, who beginning in 2008 served 13 months in prison for abusing and trafficking in underage girls. It was a slap on the wrist, say critics — facilitated by high-priced lawyers such as Alan Dershowitz and former Clinton special prosecutor Kenneth Starr — for a man who violated perhaps hundreds of minors and could have served life in prison.

Epstein, whose case has now been reopened by the FBI, was more than just a pervert operating in secrecy. He was also the nucleus of what could loosely be called a “pedophile” ring (his victims seemed to have been a bit older — young adolescents), providing underage girls to powerful people to gain favor or obtain blackmail information. And his associates’ names read like a who’s who list, including figures such as Donald Trump, Kevin Spacey, Naomi Campbell, and British royal Prince Andrew. It’s also said that Bill Clinton and physicist Stephen Hawking have been to Epstein’s private island, Little Saint James in the U.S. Virgin Islands. This isn’t to imply that all his associates shared or knew of his illicit activities, but he certainly offered many of them more than champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

Then there’s Democrat Virginia legislator Joe Morrisey, who, Dunn writes, “succeeded in gaining re-election while serving a six-month sentence in the state hoosegow. His crime, similar to Epstein’s, was sex with an underage female, in this case a 17-year-old working in his office.” This isn’t unprecedented, either. Late Congressman Gerry Studds (D-Mass.) was re-elected six more times after it was discovered in the 1980s that he’d had a homosexual relationship with a 17-year-old male page.

While these two men abused older minors, the same cannot be said of Pennsylvania State University football coach and Joe Paterno right-hand manJerry Sandusky. As Dunn points out, the odious Sandusky — who will now die in prison — had a taste for pre-pubescent boys. And, reflecting Epstein, it has also been alleged that the coach was providing children to other pedophiles via his “charity.”

Written by Selwyn Duke-The New American
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