A member of my staff caught an obscure resolution that was introduced in the US House of Representatives last week—Resolution no. 41.

The fact that there was essentially no coverage of this Resolution really shows how the mainstream media is completely turning a blind eye to the true fiscal situation of the United States of America.

The entire point of the resolution is to say that the federal government is broke.

It can’t pay its own bills, and therefore is shouldn’t be responsible to pay anyone else’s either.

It doesn’t’ take a rocket scientists to figure out what a bankrupt government will do—just like any thief, they’ll go after easy targets first.

The easiest target of all is future generations.

They’re going to run up the debt as high as they can, which essentially means pulling future tax revenues into today. It’s the easiest tax of all, because unborn children do not vote.

The estate tax is another one to watch out for—because, like unborn children, dead people don’t vote either.

We had a great podcast yesterday about retirement savings, where there’s an easy $5 trillion treasure chest for them to raid.

And, of course, there’s the greatest tax of all, the inflation tax, which decreases the standard of living for most of the population as the cost of living rises much faster than incomes.

This Resolution is a pretty scary dose of honesty. But again, what’s even more concerning is that it was just ignored and has objectively a zero percent chance of passing.

I do encourage you to check it out though—even the government is admitting it’s finished.

Written by Simon Black via Sovereign Man blog
Submitted by Tyler Durden
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6 thoughts on “Here’s Some Frightening Honesty (Courtesy Of The US Congress)”
  1. Not only is the federal government broke (which is why we don’t need MORE tax and spend!), but the states and municipalities that are covered in the resolution are ALSO broke! Too much consuming goin’ on by the various governments!

  2. The media turns a blind eye to the country’s fiscal condition because otherwise would create fear amongst the buying public which views the ads in the media and to report on the fiscal condition of the country would have a direct impact on ad success and therefor ad revenue.

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