GAINESVILLE, Ga. – A sheriff’s deputy who served at the Hall County jail in Georgia states that he was fired this week for hosting a Bible study off site to help change the lives of former inmates.

“It was to help rehabilitate spiritually the guys who are pretty much coming out of jail,” Josh McCuen told reporters.

McCuen had been on the job for eight months when he began an outside Bible study this month for inmates who have been released from incarceration. He also began raising funds to place Bibles in the cells, and maintained a Facebook page for his ministry called Revival 172.

“About 4 months ago, while working in the jail, I came across an [inmate] Jason Williams, who God used to change my life,” he explained on the page. “God grabbed a hold of me and gave me a love for the lost. I was a law enforcement officer for 9 years, and up until 4 months ago, I thought that every suspect I arrested and every inmate was a maggot. God used an inmate to minister to me and God placed me in a jail around these guys every day to show me that they are still his people, too.”

But McCuen said that on Tuesday, he was told to resign or be fired as he had been advised that “fraternizing,” or establishing a friendship with inmates, was a violation of policy. The former jailer says that he doesn’t believe he was committing any wrongdoing.

Written by Heather Clark
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