Mayor pleaded with Democrat for troops to stop looters


Ferguson riots after grand jury decides not to indict Officer Wilson

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon, a Democrat, refused to use the National Guard as a defense at police headquarters against rioters in Ferguson, Missouri, after the grand jury vindication of Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting of Michael Brown, according to a new report.

Nixon’s refusal even extended to ignoring urgent requests by Ferguson Mayor James Knowles to deploy troops to protect lives and property.

St. Louis journalist Jamie Allman discovered the revelation buried at the end of a January 9, 2015, Associated Press report that stated Nixon specifically ordered the guard not to be placed in front of the Ferguson police headquarters.

That decision reportedly was made over Knowles’ protests.

AP also reported that leading Missouri politicians, including Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill, attended meetings earlier in the month to discuss the proposed resignation of Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson and the appointment of a successor.

Knowles and Missouri House Speaker John Diehl, a Republican, expressed opposition to any such resignation, though Knowles also refuses to name those political figures who urged Jackson’s resignation.

The Gateway Pundit highlighted complaints by Knowles that Nixon would not return his calls on the night of the riots.

Other local Democratic officials, including mayors of nearby communities hit by the violence, similarly criticized Nixon for not speaking to them when the violence was at its peak.

However, Nixon did speak several times to President Obama’s close adviser, Valerie Jarrett.

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