(NaturalNews) The Disneyland measles outbreak has America in a panic — a fact that’s totally out of proportion to reality given that so far only 644 people have even caught the measles across the country during the entire year of 2014 vs. the 100,000+ Americans who die every year from the side effects of prescription medications. (The Disneyland outbreak, at least count, was just 39 people.)

Nevertheless, lots of parents are asking the question, “Should I get my children vaccinated against the measles?” I’m going to try to give you the most rational answer here regardless of whether you’re pro-vaccine or opposed to vaccines on principle. But first, realize that the one-dimensional advice from the conventional media and health authorities is stupidly incomplete: “Everybody get vaccinated!”

Can measles vaccines work to protect against measles? Absolutely they can in some people, but they are not without their own risks as you’ll see below. Despite the way I have been deliberately mis-characterized by others, I am not opposed to the theory of immunization. In fact, I’m the author of “A Blueprint for Safer Vaccines” which argues for the creation of clean vaccines formulated without toxic ingredients used today such as mercury, MSG, aluminum and formaldehyde, all of which the CDC openly admits are still used in vaccines today.

Read the vaccine insert and you’ll be shocked by what the science really says

The vaccine industry (along with the mainstream media) dishonestly positions vaccines as offering 100% protection with 0% risk. That’s a lie. My job is to help you navigate the health propaganda so that you can make an informed decision about the possible risks vs. possible benefits.

The most important thing you can do when considering any vaccine is READ THE VACCINE INSERT!

You’d be astonished to learn what’s printed on the vaccine insert because it’s totally different from what the media tells you about vaccines. Never allow your children to be injected with a vaccine without requesting the vaccine insert which must be provided to patients by law. (Bring a magnifying glass, because the insert is written in very small text, probably to make it unreadable.)

I collect vaccine inserts in an effort to document the history of medicine, and although I don’t yet have a measles vaccine insert, I do have one for a very popular and widely-used chickenpox vaccine.

Discover what the chickenpox vaccine insert really says

Take a look at what you’ll find in the Varivax chickenpox vaccine insert so that you can look for similar things on a measles vaccine insert:

Most vaccine inserts have a tear-away portion to be handed to a patient. Of course, there’s only one tear-away portion even though most vaccine come in vials that contain 10 doses. Obviously, you can’t hand out the same tear-away sheet to 10 people, which is part of the reason why nearly everyone who gets a vaccine never sees the vaccine insert in advance:

If anybody in the media ever uttered this, they would be immediately labeled an “anti-vaxxer!” But the Varivax vaccine insert openly states it doesn’t protect everybody from chickenpox. It also admits the vaccine doesn’t treat the infection once you already have it:

Where’s the science behind the vaccine? In nearly microscopic small text, this vaccine insert admits, “No placebo-controlled study was carried out with VARIVAX using the current vaccine.”

Here’s something the mainstream media never tells you and most vaccine pushers will NEVER admit: The chickenpox vaccine can cause the spread of chickenpox. It’s admitted right in the insert:

The next block of microscopic text in the vaccine insert warns that the vaccine should never be given to pregnant women. Is this vaccine still given to pregnant women anyway? Of course it is. In fact, vaccine pushers are now targeting pregnant women for all sorts of vaccines which can cause spontaneous abortions:

Adverse effects of the vaccine must be listed

Every vaccine insert must list the adverse effects (negative side effects) which have been reported in clinical trials following vaccination.

For this Varivax insert, some of the adverse effects listed right in the insert include:

…nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Bell’s palsy, non-febrile seizures, paresthesia and many more.

Even though these are printed right in the vaccine insert, any person who dares mention these adverse effects publicly is aggressively condemned as being “anti-science.” Yet the science irrefutably documents the fact that vaccines cause these things. The science, in other words, has already established that vaccines can cause severe neurological disorders:

The next warning on VARIVAX comes from an admission that if the vaccine is given to people who have weak immune systems, it may cause them serious disease:

The vaccine may actually spread the disease it claims to prevent

In many vaccine inserts, you’ll find a warning that admits a person who receives the vaccine can then go on to spread the disease they were just vaccinated against.

The vaccine itself, in other words, can sometimes spread the disease. As printed in the VARIVAX insert:

“Post-marketing experience suggests that transmission of vaccine virus may occur rarely between healthy individuals who develop a varicella-like rash and healthy susceptible contacts.”

This is an admission that the chickenpox vaccine can infect a person with chickenpox who can then spread it to someone else:

Check the ingredients: Do they include MSG and toxic metals?

Many vaccines are made with monosodium glutamate, the excitotoxin taste-enhancing chemical that destroys brain cells. It’s also common to find vaccines formulated with mercury and aluminum.

For example, this Varivax insert openly states the vaccine is manufactured with:

sucrose, hydrolyzed gelatin, sodium chloride, monosodium glutamate, sodium phosphate, potassium phosphate, potassium chloride, neomycin (an antibiotic), EDTA and fetal bovine serum.

Here’s a warning not to take aspirin after being vaccinated, along with yet another warning that taking the vaccine can cause you to spread chickenpox to someone else.

It states, in plain black and white: “It is rare, but possible, that once you have the vaccine, you could spread the chickenpox virus to others.”

And this portion of the vaccine insert admits the chickenpox vaccine can give you shingles:

Additional side effects are disclosed here, and they include:

severe skin disorders, swelling of the brain, seizures, inflammation of the lungs… and so on.

Finally, here’s another listing of the ingredients in the vaccine:

Have you read the measles vaccine insert?

As you can see from the insert photos shown above, vaccines say all sorts of fascinating things on their legally required insert sheets that the media won’t dare tell you.

In fact, vaccine pushers hope you never read the insert because they want to keep you in the dark about the side effects and toxic ingredients used in vaccines.

They also want you to be completely unaware that many vaccines can actually spread the disease they claim to prevent. Many measles outbreaks, it turns out, occur largely among children who were vaccinated against measles.

These are the truths about vaccines they don’t want you to know. Rather than have the public be informed, they prefer to slap you in the face with twisted claims of “SCIENCE!” combined with the condemnation, intimidation and censorship of anyone who actually tries to point out what the vaccine insert says in black and white. Yes, reading the vaccine insert in public is enough to have you condemned by the vaccine pushers, even though what you are reading is documented by the vaccine manufacturer itself.

Truly, the vaccine industry today is so corrupt and dangerous that it goes to great lengths to make sure no one reads the information on the insert. Just like the biotech industry, the vaccine industry goes to great lengths to make sure consumers have no idea what they are being injected with or swallowing.

So if you’re thinking about getting your child vaccinated against measles because of the Disneyland scare, I encourage you to bring a magnifying glass and go visit a pharmacy or doctor and ask for the measles vaccine insert. If you read it and you’re perfectly happy with all the ingredients, side effects and risks associated with that vaccine, then make whatever choice you want, knowing that you’ve at least conducted some due diligence rather than just blindly injecting your child with toxic chemicals the same way all the obedient sheeple do.

Personally, I think injecting children with MSG, formaldehyde, mercury and aluminum is nothing more than medical child abuse. And it turns out many millions of people in America agree with that assessment. In fact, until the vaccine industry cleans up its act and removes the toxic ingredients from its vaccines, vaccine “compliance” will never be very high among the informed.

By Mike Adams
Natural News

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