Pro-fighter says “They treated me like a dog and an animal”


A UFC fighter has made headlines following a run in with police, caught on camera, during which he was tased and arrested after asking the cops to identify themselves.

In the video, mixed martial artist Dave Herman is seen asking the cops “Do I know you?” and “Who are you?” after they pulled him over during a routine stop.

Herman says he opted to stop in the first well lit, public area he could find when the cops began following him, in order to ensure his own safety and that of his wife and infant child, also in the vehicle.

Rather than identify themselves by showing their badges and licenses, the cops drew guns and yelled at Herman to comply, shouting “WE ARE THE POLICE!”

When Herman, hands raised above his head in a non threatening manner, continued to ask the cops to show him ID, they fired a taser dart and shocked him with 50,000 volts.

Herman’s wife Madeleine provided a commentary explanation of the account in a video:

As soon as the cops realized that Madeleine Herman was filming the incident, and when she also asked them to show their badges, they identified themselves.

One of the cops is also briefly seen discussing with a superior the fact that he was not wearing a body camera nor did he have an in vehicle camera turned on during the incident.

Herman, a professional fighter since 2006, claims he was flagged by police for driving with his hazard lights on, saying he was having trouble with the vehicle losing power. He was arrested and held overnight.


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    The blatant attempt at CYA on the part of the cops at the end of the video just really tops it off. Wow. Not a good thing when the level of paranoia on both sides is this high. Neither the citizens or the cops can afford to take chances.

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