But fares far better than Miriam Carey after he runs 7 red lights, almost hits cops


Just 20 minutes into President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address, Capitol Police chased a wild driver who ran seven red lights, raced through the streets at more than 60 miles per hour and almost struck police officers as he drove erratically toward the Capitol.

Then they let him go.

Some might compare the incident to the case of the unarmed suburban mother Miriam Carey, who made a wrong turn near the White House gate entrance and immediately tried to leave on Oct. 3, 2013.

But she wasn’t released.

Instead, she was killed in a hail of 27 bullets – hitting her three times in the back, once in the back of the head and once in her arm – with her infant daughter strapped into the backseat of her car.

On Jan. 20, an unidentified black male driver was trailed by police cars from two Maryland jurisdictions on streets north of the Hill, according to a report in CQ Roll Call. Police believed he fit the description of a robbery suspect.

Multiple sources said the man had almost hit Capitol Police and Supreme Court Police officers stationed at a barricade at East Capitol and Second streets. He finally stopped when he found his path blocked by a snow plow.

“Four officers from different jurisdictions attempted to remove the driver from the car, eventually tackling him to the ground,” Roll Call reported. “He was placed in handcuffs and frisked for weapons.”

The man was briefly detained, and then Capitol Police officers were ordered by superiors to release him.

He pulled away from the scene 20 minutes after Obama finished his speech.

In a statement to Roll Call, Capitol Police Lt. Kimberly Schneider said the man didn’t pose a threat to the Capitol “particularly on State of the Union night when the USCP’s primary mission to protect the Congress with an operationally enhanced, hardened perimeter is our primary focus.”

“He should have been arrested for obvious traffic violations that took place in front of the Capitol,” Jim Konczos, chairman of the Capitol Police Labor Committee’s executive board, told the news site.

District Heights, Maryland, Police Chief Elliott Gibson told Roll Call the driver said the driver will be arrested later for a “host of traffic violations” that occurred in Maryland.

Konczos said he saw “no valid reason that this individual wasn’t arrested.”

But, as WND has reported, Miriam Carey didn’t fare so well in 2013, when she was dispatched with overwhelming force.

After apparently making a wrong turn near the White House gate at 15th and E Street, Carey found herself surrounded by menacing federal officers brandishing firearms. Realizing her mistake, she made a U-turn and tried to depart.

But Secret Service agents and Capitol Police chased the dental hygienist down Pennsylvania Avenue at high speeds and forced her to a stop in the shadow of the nation’s Capitol, having fired 27 bullets at her.

Despite their erratic marksmanship, the shooters somehow missed the 34-year-old’s infant daughter, strapped into the backseat of Carey’s black 2010 Infiniti G37Xs Coupe.


Miriam Carey

Even after more than a year, nobody knows exactly why Carey was killed by federal officers after she drove to the nation’s capital from her home in Stamford, Connecticut.

That’s because the Department of Justice, or DOJ, has refused to release the final investigative report.

But Carey family attorney Eric Sanders has told WND the Secret Service lied about what happened.

Secret Service ‘lies’

Sanders pointed to two key elements in the Carey case in which he believed the Secret Service had lied.

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