PHOENIX – The U.S. Army has ordered the removal of a sandwich board outside of an Arizona recruiting office because it included the phrase “On a mission for God and country.”

The sign, which has been posted outside of the recruiting office since at least last October, was removed on Friday following complaints. A photo of the sandwich board had been proliferated online, drawing ire from atheists and church-state separation advocates.

The most vocal opponent to the sign was Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. The Daily Kos had published an article by Weinstein, who decried the sign as being a “painfully pathetic poster,” a “stunning unconstitutional disgrace” and a “poster of shame.”

“Long story short, the poster at the Phoenix armed forces recruitment hub is an absolutely abominable slap in the face of everyone who’s ever taken the time to digest, understand, and swear the service members’ sacred oath to protect and defend the United States Constitution, let alone those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the values, rights, and protections contained therein,” he wrote.

Weinstein, who stated in the article that he is on an “aggressive fight against fundamentalist Christian extremism,” is believed to be influential in the removal of the sign, although the Army Times said that the sandwich board was removed just hours after it called superiors to ask about the display.

Written by Heather Clark- Christian News
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