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What makes Aaron Rodgers perhaps the best quarterback in the NFL is that he’s an elite passer, who also has very good mobility, which allows him to move around, create extra time, giving his receivers more opportunities to get open.

But you can throw out mobility right now since he’s playing with a torn calf muscle. That basically negates his elusiveness in the pocket.

The last thing you want when facing Seattle’s vaunted pass rush is a sitting duck in the pocket, and that is basically what Rodgers is right now.

So this puts a lot of pressure on the Packers offensive line to play on a very high level and keep Rodgers clean in the pocket like they did last week against Dallas. Because with time, as he showed versus the Cowboys, he can still get a lot done as a pocket passer even with the calf injury.

Written by DANIEL LEBERFELD-Breitbart News
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