Most of the compounds are near strategic locations within the U.S.

Attorney General Eric Holder was in Paris for a terrorism summit with French President Hollande, but darted out just before World leaders historically convened to pay their respects to the fallen Charlie Hebdo cartoonists.

Holder then went on a media blitz claiming that there is no credible threat to Americans.

It makes the average American wonder what the Obama Administration is hiding when anyone can go online and discover the clear and present danger of decades-old State Department documents revealing what has been lurking within at least 22 states.

The main compound near the town of Hancock in upstate New York, known as Holy Islamberg, was founded in 1980 by Gilani as a religious sanctuary for devout Muslims.

This land is located near the reservoir that supplies most of New York City’s drinking water.

In fact, most of the compounds are near strategic locations within the United States designed to affect a mass population event at anytime.

The FBI’s own documents define the Muslims Of America as an autonomous organization which possesses an infrastructure capable of planning and mounting terrorist campaigns overseas and with in the U.S.


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