French citizens stand in solidarity with ‘Charlie Hebdo.’ (Charles Platiau)

First came Wednesday’s vicious attacks by radical Islamic terrorists at the Paris offices of the satirical newspaper, “Charlie Hebdo,” in which terrorists killed 12 and wounded 11. Next was the almost simultaneous—and many believe, related—murder of a Paris police officer. Then came Friday’s hostage situation in which a Muslim gunman targeted a kosher grocery store, taking as many as five hostages and killing four before being killed by police. Meanwhile, also on Friday, police officers brought to an end a standoff with the suspects of Wednesday’s mass murder, with the Islamic terrorists being killed.

As world leaders and many media outlets attempt to paint these attacks as non-indicative of Islam, religion and culture expert Dr. Alex McFarland, said these attacks display the real heart of Islam: a religion in which dissidence is punishable by death. 

“We continue to hear the mantra that Islam is a religion of peace,” McFarland said. “Yet, where are the world’s 1.6 million peaceful Muslims rising up in concerted denouncement of the terror perpetrated in Islam’s name? They are largely silent, and that’s because world dominance, persecution of Christians and so-called ‘infidels’ and the utter destruction of Israel are the core of Islam. If we care about our freedoms, the time for denial is far past.”

Written by Deborah Hamilton- Charisma
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