John Kerry said he will now travel to Paris after the U.S. government was shamed for not joining a rally yesterday for victims of the French terror attacks attended by 40 world leaders and a million people. 

It came as a staggering 3.7million people gathered across France today to stage further defiant marches in a moving tribute to the 17 people killed in hostage sieges last week.

The Secretary of State said at a news conference that U.S. officials, including himself and President Barack Obama, had been ‘deeply engaged’ with French authorities almost immediately after the first attack occurred and had offered intelligence assistance.

As to criticism about the lack of a senior official at Sunday’s March, Kerry said: ‘I really think that this is sort of quibbling a little bit in the sense that our Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland was there and marched, our ambassador was there and marched, many people from the embassy were there and marched.

Written by Simon Tomlinson for MailOnline
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