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With the 114th U.S. Congress having launched on Jan. 3, 2014, it’s time We the People step up and hold their political feet to the fire to see real demonstrable change that will heal and improve our country, especially during these last two critical years of President Obama’s presidency.

Here are my top 10 resolutions for the new Congress:

10) Reel in executive power and presidential orders.

I know every president since the dawn of our republic has used executive orders, or EO. Theodore Roosevelt was the first to rack up more than 1,000 during his nearly eight years in office. The problem isn’t just the sheer number of them but what they are used to do.

When the Oval Office refuses to work with Capitol Hill, isolation, power inequity and temptation are easily used to justify EO abuse. The way I do the math: An abuse of power plus an abuse of EOs equals just another name for dictatorship. The new Congress should use mandated meetings, public pressure and legislative means to diffuse, minimize and counteract the abuse of executive power and EOs.

It’s time to return our country to a true balance of powers that existed when our founders carved our country. All but one president (John Adams) among the first five presidents (Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe) were in office for eight years, and the largest number of executive orders used by any of them was eight. Washington used eight, Jefferson used four, and the other three presidents used one each.

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