Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas

WASHINGTON – Sen. Ted Cruz had a diplomatic answer to a tough question but one that also revealed a skepticism of the Obama administration’s foreign policy that could hardly run deeper.

The last question for the Texas Republican after his speech at Heritage Foundation’s summit on “Opportunity for all, favoritism to none” came from WND.

“Given the administration is releasing enemies of the U.S. from prison at Guantanamo Bay while trying to jail Gen. Petraeus, is it too provocative to ask which side are we on?”

As the crowd “oohed,” Cruz confidently smiled while pausing to let the gasps die down, then said he wouldn’t quite put it that way.


But he then launched into a lengthy and nuanced response that did not seem entirely at odds with the gist of the question.

“This administration has a very difficult time telling the good guys from the bad guys,” he began.

Expressing extreme skepticism toward the Obama administration’s competence in foreign policy, Cruz’s thoughts were perhaps summed up in  a few poignant and scathing observations.

“There is a consistent pattern in this administration of being unable, or unwilling, to tell friend from foe.”

And, “Our friends don’t trust us and our enemies don’t fear us.”

He concluded with, “That is a dangerous state of affairs, and it needs to change.”

In his detailed answer, the senator criticized Obama’s absence at the unity march against radical Islamic terrorism Sunday in Paris.

In a hushed tone, Cruz said that everywhere around the world, the question was the same, “Where is America?”

It was true in Paris, and it is true around the globe, said Cruz.

He cited a litany of what he considered missteps, from sending a bust of Winston Churchill back to England to “shameful” treatment of Israel.

Cruz portrayed Obama as the most antagonistic U.S. president to the nation of Israel in history.

“He constantly refuses to stand by our allies, but when it comes to thugs like (Russian President Vladimir) Putin … ” said the senator, letting the sentence trail off.

Written by GARTH KANT
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