SUPERIOR, Wisc. – The school board in Superior, Wisconsin voted last week to reject a complaint filed by an unidentified parent seeking the removal of a book that promotes homosexuality.

The complaint was lodged against the book, “Emma and Meesha My Boy: A Two Mom Story”, which is being used in elementary school classrooms as early as 1st grade.

The book, which is several years old and popular in the homosexual community, is designed to expand children’s understanding and definition of what constitutes a family. Emma, the little girl in the story, has two mothers who teach her how to kindly treat her pet cat. Well-known actress and homosexual activist Rosie O’Donell stated years ago, “I read it—I loved it—[my partner’s daughter] Chelsea reads it every night.”

“This is Emma. She lives with her two moms and a chubby housecat,” the book begins. “Just so you know who’s who, let me tell you that one of the moms is Mama and the other is Mommy. That makes two.”

Superintendent Janna Stevens explained following the complaint that the book can be found in several school and classroom libraries, but is not part of the district’s curriculum. This past week, the Superior School Board voted 5-1 to reject the parents wish to pull the book from the libraries, expressing that one complaint was not sufficient grounds for removal.

Written by Jason Storms
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