WASHINGTON – An atheist organization is seeking to dissuade new members of Congress from taking their oath on the Bible when they are sworn into office today.

“On January 6, Congress will take the ceremonial oath of office, during which each member will solemnly swear, or affirm, that he or she will ‘support and defend the Constitution of the United States.’ While members are not required to swear or affirm on a specific text, or any at all, many choose to swear on the Bible,” the Secular Coalition of America recently outlined to supporters.

“This year, the Secular Coalition will seek to remind Congress that it was elected to support and defend the Constitution, not the Bible or any other religious text,” it continued. “We will be circulating letters on the Hill and lobbying in person to get as many members of Congress as we can to take the oath on the Constitution.”

It is not known whether any of the recipients of the letter will actually heed the group’s request.

Written by Heather Clark- Christian News
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