The campaign that allows voters to tell their representatives in the U.S. House they should find another speaker for the coming session of Congress, and “Dump Boehner,” already has generated 560,000 letters – or a stack that will be nearly 19 stories tall on delivery.

The vote for a new House speaker is expected as early as Tuesday, and while not all of the messages will arrive by that time, the feeling across America will be more than clear, according to the organizer of the campaign.

“Republican House members should know that, as of today, 560,000 letters have been generated in the ‘Don’t Be Yellow: Dump Boehner Now!’ campaign,” said Joseph Farah.

“Unfortunately, they won’t all arrive before Tuesday’s vote. However, if Boehner wins the speakership, the campaign will continue, since the House can hold a no-confidence vote on the speaker at any time while in session. So Boehner won’t be out of the woods if he survives Tuesday’s challenge.”

Farah explained it was a recent fundraising email from the Republicans that documented why Boehner needs to be replaced.

It was the email from Keith Davis at the National Republican Congressional Committee that stated plainly: “Friend, we’re already behind the Democrats – unless we receive your 2015 membership renewal of $50 or more today.”

A subsequent email from Boehner said: “Did you catch Keith’s note about your 2015 membership renewal? President Obama is pushing ahead with a reckless ‘my-way-or-the-highway’ approach and we need your 2015 membership commitment to stand strong in our fight for your priorities. Please renew your membership at $150, $100, or even just $50 and receive your exclusive 2015 NRCC Sustaining Membership Card. With your support in 2014 we won a new Senate majority and we won the largest conservative House majority in nearly a century. Our new American Congress is eager to get to work, and we need your help.”

Joseph Farah, WND founder, explained that’s the very reason for the Don’t be Yellow, Dump Boehner Now! campaign, which encourages constituents to let all 247 GOP members of the House majority know they need to pick another speaker for the coming Congress.

“That’s really the problem in a nutshell, John. You’re already behind the Democrats. That’s why the people who voted Republican in the last election want you dumped as leader of the GOP House and as speaker of the House,” Farah commented.

“You’ll always be behind the Democrats in both senses of the word ‘behind.’ You demonstrated that you were behind them right after the midterm election by enabling Barack Obama and the Democrats to continue their policies that are destroying the country – from funding Obamacare to funding their illegal amnesty action.

“You’re also behind them in setting the course for future Democrat electoral wins through the betrayal of the voters who empowered you less than two months ago. More money can’t help you because you don’t offer a real alternative vision to the Democrats. That’s why I’m spearheading the ‘Dump Boehner Now!’ campaign.”

The campaign has been catching on in the media already. Fox News reported Tuesday about North Carolina Rep. Walter Jones saying as many as 18 members hope to put forward an alternative to Boehner.

Only hours earlier, the Daily Caller cited the same local radio interview, which was reported by Buzzfeed at the time.

The campaign is a response to Boehner’s decision not to fight Barack Obama’s amnesty and Obamacare, even though the GOP now is holding the majority in both the House and the Senate.

And it’s earned the support of the founder of Tea Party Nation, one of the organizations that helped rouse the American electorate in 2010 and give the GOP control of the U.S. House.

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